Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy New Year

A NewYear brings with it excitement and anticipation of new beginnings and experiences that lie ahead. As I prepared to welcome in 2012 celebrating with friends, I realised that last New Years eve, this lovely cosy cottage was in darkness as it stood empty, waiting for us to complete a sale and purchase. Even empty there was something special and welcoming about Rosemary Cottage, but how different it looks now, candles and twinkling lights making every room look warm and inviting. A freshly swept chimney in the lounge with a new grate, now cradles crackling glowing logs, filling the room with flickering light and the wonderful warm, nutty smell. The Christmas Tree standing tall in the bay window, just as I had imagined since first viewing the cottage in July 2010.

 Everything looks lovely with the lights low, but it is only temporary! In daylight there are signs of building work a foot, walls stripped, rubble heap in the front garden and the bricks from the cellar floor neatly stacked for relaying. So this week happy holidays are over and the real renovation work begins.